Q: What Type of Gift Card Is This?
A: This is a CBD Savings Card. 

Q: Does the CBD Savings Card Expire?
A: No, The CBD Savings card NEVER expires.

Q: If I have multiple CBD Savings, can I apply them to the same repurchase?
A: No

Q: How does the CBD Savings Card Work - How much of a discount do I get for each Purchase?
A: A minimum of 10% off the published price on the CBDSavemart.com web site

Q: I purchased the CBD Savings Card Work and changed my mind about using it - Can I get a refund?
A: Each vendor has their own policy, and you will need to contact the vendor as we do not process refunds. 

Q: I purchased a CBD Savings Code, and never received the Code number(s) - What should I do?
A: Please contact the vendor where you purchased the offer and ask them to resend your CBD Savings Code Number(s).

Q: Do I receive/use a Code or a physical Card?
A: Depending on where you made your purchase will determine whether you get an electronic Code or physical card.  Typically, if you made your purchase on the internet you will receive and electronic Code unless otherwise stated. 

Q: Can I apply other discounts (i.e AAA, AARP, corporate discounts, etc...) along with my CBD Savings
A: No, when using your CBD Savings code on our site, the only discount that can be used is the card number associated with our site and cannot be combined with other offers.

Q: Can I use all the dollars on my gift card on one purchase?
A: No 

Q: Where can I redeem my CBD Savings Card?
A: Your card can only be redeemed on this site, not on any other sites.

Q: Is there a listing of all the products on your site?
A: Yes; to see our inventory, just search the cbdsavemart.com site.

Q: Are there any hooks, restrictions, or strings attached?
A: No, you can use the card for product on this site. The available discount will be at check out.

Q: Can I get a new CBD Savings Card if I lose it.
A: Since the card is worth real money, we are sorry, but we cannot replace your card.

Q: When I make a purchase, will my credit card be charged now?
A: Yes , your credit card will be charged the balance of the amount due.